How to judge the quality of the moving carpet

Check whether  the moving blanket feels comfortable. Check the density of the pile. You can touch the moving blanket with your hand. The quality of the pile is high and the density of the carpet is full. This kind of moving blanket is elastic, resistant to pedaling and wear. Comfortable and durable; check the color fastness of the moving blanket. When choosing the moving blanket, use the hand or test cloth to rub repeatedly on the carpet surface several times to see if there is any color on the hand or the test cloth. If the color is sticky, the product is indicated. The color fastness is not good; check the peeling strength of the moving blanket backing, and gently peel and tear the bottom cloth with your hand to see the degree of adhesive force. If the adhesive strength is not high, the base fabric and the carpet body are easy to separate. Such a moving carpet is not durable.


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