What are the advantages and uses of Microfiber cleaning cloth?

Microfiber cleaning cloth are also called non-shedding fiber cleaning cloth, dust-free mercerized towels, and dust-free towels. Suitable for biomedical GMP aseptic workshop, semiconductor electronic photovoltaic industry clean room cleaning, countertop cleaning container cleaning equipment cleaning, high-precision laboratory cleaning, cleaning the ground in the clean area, walls, machines, and high-end glasses mirrors, optics Instruments, computer screens and cars are clean, reusable, economical and convenient.

Microfiber cleaning cloth has super water absorption, super decontamination, easy to clean, no lint, no bacteria, no damage to the surface of the object; the characteristics, and change the shortcomings of the original single weaving style of superfine fiber. The concave-convex grid shape of the towel and the surrounding weaves are correspondingly integrated. Both beautiful and practical.


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